lunedì 8 marzo 2010

I cast a philosopher’s stone

As I speak to you now the voice of God is fading away behind clouds of grey mist ridden with evil intoxicating fumes decorated with gloom announcing incoming doom and boom goes the gun killing another son of Man generated by the land of freedom tamed the eagle of freedom slained by the germs contained in the liver of Promotheus chained to the mountains of despair to repair to the damage he had done when he stole the fire of knowledge from the gods therefore being the equivalent of the Great Adversary unmercifully plunged into the depths of hell and you can tell that Pandora with her box may also have picked up the apple of right and wrong under the name of Eve so believe that the downward cross sometimes turns upwards to hide and evil is just another side of the coin of good award for centuries of suffering and martyrdom that blackened the dome of the sky curved spine of God himself and that the pyramid invisible seems to be invincibile when you think its dead its head regenerates and triplicates it is the the Hydra with eyes filled with hate and hopes it ate and made peoples emigrate in search for a better faith and ate the food from starvers plates and bombs detonate but know this son it is not too late so transmutate the imposed trance into dance the sound of streets into the rhythm of uplifting beats and reach the tallest branches of trees turn lies into truth eye that spies into eye third the teachings of Trismegistus into wisdom to be shared by mankind evolved and revolve around the deciphering of forbidden knowledge showing the honest truth to our disillusioned youth as a cure to the illness of the soul and recompose the fragments in one whole as you new world will dawn though not a planet of few kings and many pawns but One where we can show that men need no control where tiranny will fall all for one and one for all and our spirits will climb tall and re join the Cosmos with joy and know that brother should not kill brother nor bother with stealing cheating murdering and war but answer the call of constellations free numbers in an unbound equation sounds in a simphony composed of notes carved by infinity and our hearts will experience a new verginity in unity and flames will not harm but aflame our inner divinity unlike the fire that burned and turned Bruno’s body to ashes yet that same inhumane pyre made his voice rise higher and his message crashes straight into our Collective Consciousness and with omniescence reverberates like the holy words of Blake so raise your stakes higher to better aspire to a greater desire than crawl in a mire where unpunished is a liar and punished is the lowest buyer where dreams are sold stories untold and demise unfolds under the eye of he who beholds the revelation entering our world through a rhymed conjuration like a hammer shattering indoctrination a slammer raving verses withouth a microphone in the midst of a rave yet sage enough to know that this the only occasion we have to react against pre-determined facts and act as a unique body instead of single cells disembodied there are many things to tell to all our fellow men out there filled with despair like a hare chased by wild hounds and during its escape it cannot take a moment to stop and admire the rivers and the grass green hair of our Mother crowned by dew but instead treads on broken glass bleeding hoping that the battle for life he will not loose I say do not hand in you lives to the hands of a selected few so hereby I declare: blacks whites and jews muslims asians and natives americans too all commune there is no race no inferior or superior gender no time but infinite space and infinite present a gift that was sent by God and returned to the sender in favour of conventions and a reality in one dimension please pay attention to all who speak and your intellect will reach a higher peak and seek for answers that will kill this consuming cancer and make us experience a new infancy and estabilish a legacy of love like the love that’s behind these rhymes when truth to me was shown when the light in me shone in hope of the glad day to dawn I cast a philosphers stone and I now wait for the dove to return home.

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